Bleeding after intercourse: must I be concerned? Which are the causes that are common?

Bleeding after intercourse: must I be concerned? Which are the causes that are common?

A lot of women be prepared to bleed only a little following the time that is first have intercourse.

Some women – yet not all – will discover they usually have a blood that is little because their hymen has torn.

But, later on to your sex-life, you might be only a little worried to get some drops of blood, or higher, after you’ve done the deed.

Therefore, if you simply ignore it or get into full blown panic mode?

Firstly, Dr Dan Robertson, medical officer at drive physician, reassures that, whilst it is just normal that bleeding after intercourse will worry many people, generally in most cases it is absolutely nothing too severe.

However you undoubtedly must not ignore it and a vacation to see your GP ought to be the next end.

Dr Dan stated: ‘For females, prospective factors consist of genital dryness, for instance, when you yourself have intercourse when you’re perhaps not completely stimulated or after the menopause.

‘It could possibly be polyps, non-cancerous lumps, within the vagina or infection or an ectropion associated with cervix.

‘Another common cause is sexually transmitted infections such as for instance chlamydia.

‘If left untreated these could induce inflammatory that is pelvic, a possibly severe condition that will trigger severe health insurance and fertility complications.

‘It’s really unusual that bleeding after intercourse is going to be an indication of cervical cancer tumors, but it’s undoubtedly well worth getting examined by a physician to out rule everything and provide your self satisfaction.’

It won’t take much to work out of the cause and a call to your GP who can perform a genital assessment and swabs should explain the specific situation. […]

Awkward sex dreams and just how to manage them

Awkward sex dreams and just how to manage them

PUBLIC DOMAIN Jenny reminds us that intercourse ambitions are completely normal and they’re absolutely nothing to be ashamed about.

Hello once again! It’s me personally, Jenny S. Hopkins, your resident advice columnist that is anonymous. I am hoping you each is looking after yourselves whilst the perpetual midterm season descends upon us.

For me, it is been hard to make time for things aside from learning. This I went on a road trip down south weekend. Moving away from campus really aided me clear my brain and provided me with a break that is nice the daily routine only at Hopkins.

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