Journal for the United states College of Cardiology For You

Journal for the United states College of Cardiology For You

Transfer Has Between Your JACC Journals

In case a JACC journals’ Editor-in-Chief and/or the board determines that the manuscript is way better designed for a sibling journal, the cousin journal EiC is very first consulted to see if your transfer is warranted. If it’s determined, that the paper just isn’t ideal for a transfer offer, the paper is given a rejection. In the event that sibling journal EiC determines they’d welcome the transfer, they need to declare which kind of transfer they wish to provide writers. After the transfer offer is given, the writers result in the determination about whether or not to ever accept the transfer offer.

In case a paper any particular one board wish to move to contains an author that features a possible conflict towards the sibling log board (age.g., an writer for a paper is a part for the cousin journal’s editorial board), then a cousin journal’s Guest Editor-in-Chief makes the determination about whether or not the paper should always be provided a transfer. Likewise, A visitor editor-in-chief will offer you a paper to a cousin journal, in cases where a paper is viewed as a rejection for the log.


Any choice because of the JACC journals may be appealed because of the writer. The Editor in Chief and/or the Associate Editors can determine whether or perhaps not to simply accept the appeal. Accepting an appeal is certainly not accepting the paper—it is agreeing to examine the paper once again with exact exact same or new reviewers. […]